Accounts Receivable Funding

accounts receivableAccounts Receivable Funding can increase your available work capital and improve your cash flow by providing an advance of cash against the value of your outstanding invoices. This process, commonly referred to as “factoring,” gives your business access to an ongoing supply of cash linked to your sales. There is no need to continually request an additional  or increased line of credit from your bank.  So as your business grows, so does the amount of cash available to you.

Accounts Receivable Funding does not create debt or require additional collateral.  By enhancing your business’s cash flow, you have timely working capital to pay salaries, reduce debt, purchase equipment and supplies, improve vendor relations, and focus on critical success factors such as operations, sales, marketing, and growth. You maintain control of your business while working with a dedicated, trained team of professionals who ensure customer satisfaction.

Specifically, Accounts Receivable Funding / Factoring:

  • Is based only on the company’s ability to leverage their accounts receivables, rather than on traditional measures of financial strength and stability.
  • Provides continuing cash flow without the requirement of regular or periodic loan payments or interim payoffs.
  • Offers a dependable, continuing source of cash without the necessity of making separate loan applications.
  • Allows new and increasing sales to continuously create new power to obtain working capital to run your business.
  • Gives your business increased access to working capital as sales and receivables increase. There is no ceiling to the amount of funds you may have available. The more sales your business makes, the more cash you may be able to draw. Our funders do not concentrate on the business debt/equity ratio to provide funds, as banks do.
  • Accelerates business growth by shortening the time it takes to turn sales into cash.
  • Stimulates rapid turnover of your receivables.
  • Converts invoices to cash, allowing you to take discounts and pay your suppliers promptly.
  • Saves you precious time waiting for a loan committee to grant or deny your loan request. Loan committee decisions are influenced by many considerations, and the outcome is often unpredictable. With factoring, periodic delays and negotiations are eliminated, allowing you time to do what you do best, run your business.

In addition to providing valuable working capital, our funders can also save you valuable management time. They manage your account receivables by professionally collecting invoice payments from your customers on your behalf so that you have more time to concentrate on generating new business. They prepare and send out statements, telephone your customers, collect payments, and maintain professional and detailed accounts of your transactions.
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