Business Owners

Funding Options for Business Owners

business ownersRegardless of your business, you need the right financing at the right time to succeed and grow. Traditional bank financing typically comes with burdensome requirements and may be difficult or impossible to get. Moreover, the traditional funding process often takes months to complete.

Whether you’re just starting a business, experiencing budget constraints or cash flow problems, or expanding for new opportunities, ProActive Capital Funding provides working capital options for business growth, expansion, start-up, and cash flow enhancement in – many cases without creating debt on your balance sheet.

Creative and flexible options are available to gain the funding you need in today’s ever-changing business environment. Alternative options are especially valuable if you are unable to secure needed funding from traditional banking sources due to credit restrictions, age of your company, line of credit limitations, collateral issues, etc.

ProActive Capital Funding provides these funding options for business owners and operators:

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