Government Financing Programs

small business financingFor many small businesses, government assistance can make the difference in getting the money they vitally need to start, continue, or expand business operations.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent agency of the federal government designed to help, counsel and protect the interests of small businesses across all industries. The programs include loan guarantees, training and educational programs, advisory services, publications, financial programs, and contract assistance. This organization offers several guaranteed loan programs to help small businesses grow and thrive.

SBA loan programs lend to small businesses unable to secure financing on reasonable terms through normal lending channels. The SBA has no funds for direct lending or grants. Instead, the SBA guarantees loans provided by private-sector lenders. Working closely with a wide range of lending partners across the country, the SBA has developed financial programs that address the various needs of small businesses:

  • Business startup
  • Business acquisition
  • Business expansion
  • New equipment
  • Working capital
  • Refinancing

Types of SBA Funding Programs

  • 7(a) Loan Guaranty SBA Loans
  • 7(m) SBA Micro Loans
  • Certified Development Company (CDC) – 504 SBA Loans
  • Small Business Professional Loans
  • Small Business Real Estate Ownership

Advantages of SBA Loans

  • Minimize credit risk because the U.S. Government backs the loan
  • Allow long term payback by the small business borrower
  • Allow borrowers to qualify with lower down payment and equity requirements
  • Can be approved with less collateral than conventional loans

ProActive Capital Funding works with a number of SBA approved lenders who provide this lifeline funding for America’s small businesses. For additional information, contact: