Vendors and Contractors

Funding Options for Vendors and Contractors

vendorsRegardless of your business, you need the right financing at the right time to succeed. If you are a Vendor or Contractor who provides services or products to large organizations (such as  government agencies, public or private elementary or secondary schools, colleges, universities, technical schools, or any other publically funded agencies or organizations), cash flow management is essential to the success of your company. Although these types of organizations are reliable in paying their bills, they are notorious for slow payment and often create significant cash flow challenges to their providers.

If you receive large orders for goods and services, you may have to fill them using your own financial resources and then wait months to be paid. If you can’t fund the orders internally or don’t have ready access to bank funding, you can lose contracts and business opportunities.

Traditional bank financing often comes with burdensome requirements that you may not be able to meet. Moreover, the traditional funding process often takes months to complete.

ProActive Capital Funding works with alternative funding sources that can meet your exact needs quickly and at competitive rates. For example, we can help you reduce the time between providing a service and receiving payment, get cash with flexible terms that suit your business needs, free up your cash flow level so you can to adapt more easily to different business conditions, and keep your borrowing options open.

ProActive Capital Funding provides these funding options to assist vendors and contractors: