Why ProActive Capital Funding

Ray King

Ray King, President

ProActive Capital Funding provides alternative financing and funding options including  working capital for business growth, expansion, start-up, and cash flow enhancement.

We help a wide variety of clients meet business, government, non-profit, and individual financial needs.

Our business services company represents a vast network of specialized and creative funding sources and investors throughout the United States with unlimited available capital.

Through our relationships with these funding sources and investors, we enable our clients to manage many of their financial challenges easily and efficiently. They discover the peace of mind that a positive cash flow can provide.

With our ability to secure funding quickly, you can create a financial strategy to fund your personal needs or business growth and gain control of your cash flow. You can ensure efficient operation of your company and fund its growth.

At ProActive Capital Funding, we specialize in quality service to each client and are committed to finding the best possible funding source to meet your business or personal needs:

  • We work with dozens of the most experienced and qualified U.S. funders and investors.
  • We can customize packages to meet your specific needs because requirements for securing working capital using alternative funding sources and secondary market financing is more flexible than for conventional bank financing.
  • We keep you informed at each stage of the funding process.
  • You can reach us by phone, fax, or email. We work evenings and weekends as needed.
  • If we are not available at the time of your call, just leave a message and a representative will return your call within 24 hours.

For additional information, contact:

Ray King <> The ProCoach
Phone: 832-615-9124 * Fax: 832-615-9570
Email: Ray@TheProCoach.com